Let's enjoy the fun of investment and
make investing a lifestyle

Who we are

RockFlow is an AI fintech company based in Singapore, committed to delivering all-in-one investment and financial services across multiple markets and assets to young investors globally.
Our journey begins with providing an AI-first trading APP, designed to make investing simple and enjoyable. Through cross-border innovation, we enable anyone to participate easily and experience the thrill of investing, thereby making it a way of life.
Rockalpha Limited is a registered Financial Service Provider in New Zealand with Registration number FSP1001454.
One-stop investment and financing platform
“Its main business includes online brokerage, asset management, investment services, etc. It provides trading of multiple assets that meet the preferences of young people, including: Stocks (US stocks, HK stocks etc.), Options, ETFs and Mutual Funds etc.”
AI investment experience
“Through cross-border innovation, with various artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, natural language understanding and computer vision, we hope to simplify investment and reduce trade barriers, create a simple and exciting investment trading platform, and innovate investment experience for users.”
Outstanding management team
“The team members come from top technology companies and colleges, with cross-innovation backgrounds in artificial intelligence, financial engineering and the Internet, study and work experience overseas, and excellent performance in stocks, futures, and other derivatives investment in the Chinese, British and American markets. ”
Our story

It's time to break down traditional boundaries and the convoluted number game in trading. Now, everyone holds the power to trade. Presenting RockFlow, an energy box to fuel your passion, a powerful tool to reimagine the universe. This is your investment wonderland.
A place where fun and finance merge… where you can reshape your world and redefine investing!
That's RockFlow!